TISBull is the leading auto trading software for stock market industries.

  • Front End Technology : REACT JS
  • Back End Technology : NODE JS
  • Website : Here
  • Industries : Finance


Relief is providing a platform to do posts for your complaints, suggestions, needs. That can be resolved by appropriate area managers and marking as resolvers, user can check it and give final approvals

  • Technology : React JS, Node JS, React Native
  • Client country : India
  • Industries : Lifestyle


With the wearable aamilet, we are turning your mobile device into a source of positivity. The aamilet creates a sense of belonging when tapped with an NFC-enabled handheld device. It is a physical reminder that you are important and cared for.
Users can purchase accounts based on their needs, they can also create posts, favorites lists, Groups, and organizations. Users can make friends and share with them their posts. User can play their favorite post by tapping NFC such new emerging features.

  • Technology : PHP, WordPress, Node JS, React Native
  • Website : Here
  • Client country : Australia
  • Industries : Lifestyle