Next JS

Next JS Services

We use React – the most flexible, dynamic web app framework. NextJs React combination is the way to go forward. NextJs GraphQL mix can be used for better data management between the client and server. NextJs React Native development can create web and mobile applications using the same codebase. NextJs Reactstrap can be used to create Bootstrap-ped React components that can be simply added to an UI (User Interface layout). Be it a NextJs Docker deployment, NextJs Nginx provisioning, NextJs Serverless setup, NextJs Firebase integration – we have the folks who can do it and do it well!

Next JS Development Services

NextJs plugin development

Leverage plugins to augment existing features. We help identify useful plugins. If unavailable, we can create those plugins.

NextJs SSR

Build SEO friend server-side rendered apps. Pages are indexed by all search engines. Ideal for brand building and product marketing.

NextJs customization services

We can customize NextJs powered websites to suit customer needs. Apart from out-of-the-box capabilities we also provide customizations to NextJs.

NextJs integration

NextsJs can be integrated with React, Redux, Thunk, other Javascript libraries. It is fully forward compatible with any JS ecosystem.

NextJs support, maintenance

We provide proactive support and maintenance for our customers. 24/7 and 365 days a year, customers can entrust their sites with us.

NextJs planning & strategy

Our team works with our clients to help them create strategy to get best results. They have Hands-on experience and skills to achieve solution to any complex requirements.

Tools & Technology

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