Get to know think info?

Think Info Services is a promoter in Information Technology with a dedicated team to fulfil our clients vision beyond their expectations. Think Info Services grows along side their customers striking an emotional chord and making lifelong partnerships.

We ensure a professional environment to work, learn, thrive and grow. Think Info services focuses on providing IT Services to client's organizations.

Our values

we are a highly creative, strategic and communicative Development company. We appreciate the inherent business value of a thorough UX (user experience) research and design process. A process with a purpose. There’s a multitude of elements that contribute to digital business success but we believe that deep customer-centric research, soulful branding, great written content, innovation and effective marketing are the keys to online success. Ultimately, your success is our success!

We ensure a professional environment to work, learn, thrive and grow. Think Info services focuses on providing IT Services to client's organizations.


We’re passionate about helping our clients, our teammates and our business succeed.


We constantly look for a better way, and challenge each other not to accept the status quo.


We take total ownership of our actions and outcomes as individuals, as teams and as a company.


We’re open and honest with each other, proactively seeking and giving feedback to enable improvement.


We eliminate everything unnecessary to focus on what’s truly important.


We go above and beyond for each other, working to our strengths, asking for help as needed and happily assisting others.


Our vision is to be the most sought after digital agency in India, facilitating sustainable growth and prosperity for our local and international clients. We are continuously evolving to become an industry leader in the vibrant field of web technologies.


Our mission is to transform our clients’ businesses, allowing them to utilize powerful technologies and improve their processes. We want to be consistently bringing out world-class products and services, that benefit businesses of all sizes, making them more efficient and effective.

Why Choose us?

Quality Assurance

We have passionate team who checks always the quality of every work. We always follow coding standards.

On-Time Delivery

Our goal is to deliver projects as per the given time frame in mean while stand by quality.

Satisfaction guarantee

We give 100% guarantee, for those clients who are not satisfied with the quality of the work or any unfulfilled requirement.


We want to build lifetime relationship with clients. We provide information regarding progress of your milestones or project development.

Support and Maintenance

We are happy to help whenever you need help us. we provide our contact information.

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Why work with us?

Our clients benefit from a collaborative and personalised approach. We have the tried-and-tested structures in place, the personnel and proven strategic ideas necessary to help businesses achieve their goals.

Since 2016, we have been delivering our clients effective digital solutions, with founder and creative director Vaishali Lukhi having built an agile and driven creative company, comprising a diverse and experienced team of creative designers, developers, strategists, producers and content writers.