Niobi is a finance automation platform that provides tools to African businesses to help them make their business processes more efficient. Our business spend automation platform is live!


Name: Movitanz
Apple Store :
Google Store :
Backend: Node / Express
Database: MongoDB
Short Description: This is connections between teachers, student,s and studio owners, teacher can post videos or image or lessons for students, and students can learn and explore more.


Name: ICS
Google Store :
Backend: Node / Express
Database: MySQL
Short Description: This app allows users to log in as irrigators or operators, operators can manage irrigator orders and generate an invoice, and many more, irrigator can able to see live meter readings and how much has spent till now, which has come with MQTT live data


Web Name: Impressions ( Next / Node )
URL: private.
Backend: Node / Express
Database: Postgres
Frontend: React/ Next
Short Description: This is an admin panel to manage app modules like the user, promotions, Advertisement, and support, etc

Karya Talent

Web Name : Karya Talents ( React / Node )
Backend : Node / Express
Frontend: React
Short Description: This is website for hiring or reciting employee with smoothly. Recruitment Company and Professional Career Consultant Jakarta


Rainbow is a pioneering social network that provides help, support and solutions for families struggling with fertility. Rainbow was founded in 2018 with the vision that it would be accessible to all. Too often we hear stories of people desperate to start or expand their families without the options readily available to do so. That’s where Rainbow comes in!

  • URL: Rainbow
  • Backend : Node / Express
  • Frontend: React/ Next
  • Database : Postgres



TISBull is the leading auto trading software for stock market industries.

  • Front End Technology : REACT JS
  • Back End Technology : NODE JS
  • Website : Here
  • Industries : Finance


Relief is providing a platform to do posts for your complaints, suggestions, needs. That can be resolved by appropriate area managers and marking as resolvers, user can check it and give final approvals

  • Technology : React JS, Node JS, React Native
  • Client country : India
  • Industries : Lifestyle